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ATCGbio Life Technology Inc. has developed and innovated a series of new advanced products related with viral gene delivery in life sciences research. By avoidance unnecessary repetitive work, the products provide for researchers or scientists to get high quality of virus to delivery their target gene easly and successfully, which in turn to svae their physical and financial expenditures. ATCGbio Life technology dedicates to contribute the techniques and tools to help the researchers to increase productivites, reach the achievements and eventually promote people's health and economy. Our products are developed by dedicated and talented scientific team incorporates with other leading bioscience researchers.

Our core products of expertise include:

  • Viral purification and production kits and reagents
  • Adenovirus and Lentivirus vectors
  • Pre-made and customer-made shRNA lentivirus vectors
  • The reagents for enhancement of viral infection and expression
  • The reagent for viral efficiency recovery
  • shRNA sequences design services

We are proud of our abilities to commercialize new technologies. If you have a technology that you believe would add value to the life science research community, please contact our Business Development office.

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