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AdenoRetriever™ Solution (AD1011)

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 AdenoRetriever™ Solution (AD1011)


Recombinant adenovirus purified by traditional ways will loose the titer easily once it is exposed to room temperature, or kept at – 20 °C even for one day,  or repeated freeze-thaw cycle. The ideal storage is a deep-freezer ( – 80°C or liquid nitrogen). Accident in deep-freezer will cause a terrible loss in the virus stock. In those cases, titer of the virus often become too low to be amplified in 293 cells. AdenoRetriever Solution (AD1011) could save these adenoviruses by retrieving the lost titer for enough to be amplified again in 293 cells.


1. Culture 293 cells in a 6-well plate. For information about 293 cells culture, please read the manual of the Adenovirus Purification Kits  AD1001, AD1002 & AD1003.

2. Make mixture solution (the volume for one well of the 6-well plate) 

    Adenovirus / AdenoRetrieverTM Solution = 100μl / 8μl, mixture.

3. Incubate it at room temperature for 10 min

4. Add it in the cell culture

Storage Conditions

4 °C upon arrival

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