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Custom-made Adenoviral Construction Services (AD1100)

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ATCGbio Life Technology Inc. offers the following Custom-made Adenoviral Construction Services. The adenoviral vector we provide lacks entire E1 gene and partial E3 gene based on human adenovirus type 5 genome. User can choose reporter co-expression (GFP, RFP or iRFP).
Custom-made shRNA expressing adenoviral plasmids
Custom-made shRNA expressing adenoviral particles (please enquire a quote and service availability)
Custom-made the gene of interest over-expressing adenoviral plasmid (please enquire a quote and service availability)
The shRNA adenoviral plasmids package contains:
1. Negative-control shRNA adenoviral plasmid 30µl (100ng/µl)
2. Custom-made shRNA adenoviral plasmid   30µl (100ng/µl) x 2
The custom-made shRNA expressing adenoviral plasmids or particles are constructed in our own adenoviral vector—shRNA AdenoEasyTM  plasmid. For each target gene, ATCGbio Life Technology Inc. provides two shRNA adenoviral plasmids with one shRNA adenoviral plasmid negative control.
For adenoviral particles production, the plasmids should be transfected to HEK293 cells after being linearized by Pac I digestion.The plasmids can also be amplified in appropriate E. Coli such as HB101.The produced adenovirus is replication-incompetent except in the cells expressing E1 proteins such as HEK293 cells.
The latest our data showed 90% of shRNA vector represses target mRNA more than 70%.
If adenovirus is used for in-vivo experiments or needs to be concentrated, we offer adenovirus purification kit (Adeno-PurificationTM Kits).
In 4-5 weeks, adenoviral plasmids will be shipped in 0.5 ml tube, and users are free to amplify. Upon receiving the tubes, keep it at 4 °C till amplification. For adenoviral particle order, it will be delivered 2-3 months after the order received.
Order Instruction (Please fill the order form by following the guidance below.)
1. Please do not submit conventional name of protein (e.g. SIRT1).
2. Please go NCBI gene website (http://www.ncbi.nim.nih.gov/gene ) and look for gene ID and official symbol.
   For example, in case of human sirtuin 1: The gene ID is 23411 and official symbol is SIRT1.
3. Almost of all shRNA were design to knock-down all isoforms. If specific isoform targeting shRNA is required, please contact us.
4. We will contact after feasibility evaluation.
5. For gene of interest over expressing in adenoviral plasmid, please have an enquiring by contact us for price quote.
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Custom-made Adenoviral Construction Services (AD1100)


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ATCGbio Life Technology Inc. offers the Custom-made shRNA Adenoviral Construction Services. Our adenoviral vector, shRNA AdenoEasyTM plasmid lacks entire E1 gene and partial E3 gene based on human adenovirus type 5 genome.  Adenovirus particles can be created by transfecting linearized plasmid by Pac I digestion into HECK293 cells. Produced virus is replication-incompetent, but can be amplified in HEK293 cells. The plasmids also can be amplified in appropriate E. Coli such as HB101.



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