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ATCGbio Life Technology Inc. currently is in transition to a new management with new products. We are not taking orders until notify. We apology any inconvenience to our customers. Thank you very much.

ATCGbio Life Technology Inc. offers the optimum viral gene delivery services using recombinant lentivirus and adenovirus to transfer genetic materials such as ectopic gene, shRNA and miRNA in in-vivo and in-vitro experiments.

Our most popular pLentiTM lentivirus production kit allows user to make high titer, non-toxic lentivirus specifically optimized for both primary cells and induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells. The custom-made and pre-made shRNA lentivirus are effectively designed to knock down more than 70%.  All of the pre-made and custom-made adenoviral and lentiviral plasmids as well as shRNA plasmids are Gateway® compatible (Invitrogen). ATCGbio’s shRNA-in-pENTR  or commercial available GOI (gene of interes) -pENTR vectors can be trasfered to  ATCGbio’s adenoviral or lentiviral plasmids or users’ destination vectors by LR reaction in one day. ATCGbio’s viral plasmids adopt various promoters (CMV, EF-1 or CAG), reporters (GFP, RFP, iRFP or luciferase) and antibiotics resistance (blasticidin, puromycin, hygromycin or zeocin).  The P2A multicistronic technique allows expression multiple genes by only one promoter equally. The CloneProTM SLIC enzyme in ATCGbio allows user to insert the PCR products of GOI (gene of interest) into plasmids without digestion and ligation in 20min. The lyophilized chemical competent cells (E.Coli.) and its’ production kit let user to economically produce highly efficient chemically competent cells whose titer will match current best commercial E. Coli user bought from the other commercial companies.

The policy in ATCGbio Life Technology Inc. is to help customer’s researches by selling the product and apply services within their research budgets. If user requires, we prepare user requested construct without additional fee.  If you need multiple orders, please let us know your experiment demands and prospective budget by email at info@atcgbio.com or contact us for quote.

It is declared that the usage of all prodcuts in ATCGbio Life Technology Inc. are for researches only. It can not be used for clinic purpose. 

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Next generation high titer adenovirus purification kit for beginners and experts. AdenoBooster increases infectious rate for most difficult cells, and AdenoRetriever solution recovers functional adenovirus from lost-titer adenovirus solution as well as high efficient crude adenovirus.



Lentivirus production kit with purification reagents will let you make high quality of lentivirus (high infectious abilities or high TU.) The second or third generation lentivirus vectors can be used.  We also provide the new P2A bicistronic lentivirus expression vectors with SLIC technology.










Chemical Competent cells

1.CompetentProTM Kit for high-efficiency cloning and plasmid propagation
2. VP-Easy Chemical Competent Cell for virus plasmid amplifcation
3. SLIC-Easy Chemical Competent Cell for pSLIC lentivirus plasmids
4. Omni-Easy Chemical Competent Cell for general purpose subcloning and amplification, especially for both SLIC reaction and virus plasmids amplification

Custom-made Viral   Constructs

Custom-made adenoviral and lentiviral constructs.

  • Lentivirus will be made based on our SLIC vectors (puromycine resistant with/without GFP co-expression).
  • Adenovirus will be made based on our own adeno-vector which lacks entire E1 gene and partial E3 gene.













shRNA Products for RNAi Application

Functionally validated shRNA is expressed by powerful lentivirus  system. shRNA was designed by our own system. User can make lentivirus with our lentivirus production kit in 3 days.

Cloning Enzymes


MicroRNA Products