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AdenoBooster™ Solution (cat# AD1012)

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1. AdenoBoosterTM Solution (cat# AD1012) could increase adenovirus' infection efficiency up to 50-fold in the cells.
2. There is no effect on cell differentiation.
3. For more details, please see the images in Adeno-PurificationTM Kits (AD1001, AD1002 & AD1003).

AdenoBooster™ Solution (cat# AD1012)


Adenovirus enters the cells through the cosakie-adenovirus receptor. The cells expressing few numbers of the receptors are very difficult to be infected by adenovirus. AdenoBoosterTM Solution (cat# AD1012) mediates both receptor-independent and dependent route for infection and increases the efficiency up to 50-fold. Mix the solution with adenovirus solution 10 minutes before adding to the cells.


1. Make mixture: add 1/10th ~ 3/10th volume of AdenoBoosterTM Solution to the adenovirus solution prepared by our kit. 

    e.g. AdenoBoosterTM Solution/Adenovirus= 1μl/10μl ~ 3μl/10μl

    Note: a). Make mixture at just before infection    

              b). It is strongly recommended that Adenovirus is prepared by our adnovirus           

                    purification kits (Adeno-PurificationTM Kits; AD1001, AD1002 & AD1003).

2. Incubate it at room temperature for 5-10min 

3. Add it into the cell culture

4. If the virus amount is less than 10 µl, dilute 7~10 fold of AdenoBoosterTM Solution with sterile DPBS just before infection, and add 1:1 volume ratio of AdenoBoosterTM Solution : Virus solution. 

Storage Conditions

4 °C upon arrival


AdenoBoosterTM Solution (AD1012) has a little effects on the cells expressing higher number of cosakie-adenovirus receptors such as 293 cells.

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