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Adeno-Purification™ Kits (adenovirus purification kits)

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ATCGbio Life Technology Inc. offers the adenovirus purification kits—Adeno-PurificationTM Kits that are made for users requiring in-vitro or in-vivo experiments with high quality adenovirus. Adding AdenoBoosterTMSolution with purified adenovirus enhances in-vivo and in-vitro infection to rodent cells.
1. AdenoCompleteTM kit (AD1001 and AD1002) for both new and experienced users. One of the kits provides GFP expressing adenovirus.
2. AdenoEssentialTM kit (AD1003) is for experienced and cost-concious users.

Catalog Number      Size                                               Price(USD)

AD1001            3×preparations                                       $275.00
AD1002            3×preparations with CrudeAdeno-GFPTM**     $300.00                       
AD1003            9×preparations                                       $500.00

Download:  User Manual PDF | MSDS1 PDF , MSDS 2 PDF

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** CrudeAdeno-GFPTM (AD1020) is crude adenovirus which expresses GFP protein. It's just for product AD1002. 0.5ml, 1.0 x 109 pfu/ml, shipping with the kit(AD1002) at room temperature, store at -20°C once received.

Adeno-Purification™ Kits (adenovirus purification kits)

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Adenovirus Purification Kits (Adeno-PurificationTM Kits) are achievements of our scientists 10 years’ experiences and more than 5 years’ results of research. ATCGbio Life Technology Inc. proudly presents and shares the kits with you. Adeno-Purification Kits are able to help researchers to get high quality of adnovirus to deliver the genes of interest easily and successfully. For a new user, the kits also could be used as training kit to help the researchers understanding the procedures of adenovirus amplification and purification. Adeno-Purification kits have the following features standing in the top of the adenovirus purification methods currently available. 

Highlight Kits Features:

1. Obtain High quality adenovirus in 1.5 hour based on membrane filtration. The procedure does not require ultracentrifugation.
2. Typically, it only requires HEK293 cell culture in 4 of 10 cm dishes or T75 flasks (can be scaled-up to 9 dishes or flasks) to yield adenovirus up to 1.0 × 1011 pfu. in 2 ml volume.
3. Supplied Stabilizer provides an unprecedented stability by virtually eliminating freeze/thaw degradation problem up to 10 times.
4. Supplied AdenoBoosterTM Solution (AD1012) could increase the infection efficiency (up to 50 times more) for the cells lacking of coxsackie/adenovirus receptor (CAR) or the cells having difficult infection characters.
5. The kits provide enough reagents for 3-times (AdenoCompleteTM, AD1001 & AD1002) and 9-times (AdenoEssentialTM, AD1003 ) purification.
6. In AdenoCompleteTM (AD1002), we provide CrudeAdeno-GFPTM (AD1020) as a positive control.
7. In-vivo compatibility. The injection of adenoviruses purified by our kits to mouse through the tail vein shows the efficient transduction in the liver without apparent immunoreactions.
8. Very economical. We set up the most cost-effective way to purify adenovirus without compromising performances.
9. Detailed protocol describes the safe preparation and usage.

In Vitro Expamle

C2C12 myoblast cells in the 12 wells plate were infected with 50 pfu GFP expressing recombinant adenovirus with/without AdenoBoosterTM Solution (left and center). Pictures were taken after 48 hours infection. There was no effect on differentiation of myoblast to myotube even at higher titer adenovirus (right).



 In Vivo Example


GFP expressing adenovirus (75 μl of 2 x 1010 pfu/ml)
with AdenoBooster Solution were injected to mice
(lane 2 and 3) from tail vein. And protein samples
obtained from the liver after 64 hours injection and
were subjected to PAGE-western blot with GFP
antibody. Lane 1 is control. There were no sign in
liver histology nor in F4/80 expression (the mature
macrophage and Kupffer cells marker).


Kits Components:

Catalog AdenoCompleteTM (AD1001 & AD1002**)    AdenoEssentialTM (AD1003)                   
AD1001-01 Blunt needle × 3  Blunt needle× 9
AD1001-02 Binding filter × 1  Binding filter× 3
AD1001-03 30mlLoading Buffer × 1 100ml  Loading Buffer × 1
60ml Washing Buffer× 1  
5×concentrated 60mlWashing Buffer × 1  
AD1001-05 15ml Elution Buffer × 1 60ml Elution Buffer × 1
AD1001-06 1.5ml Stabilizer Solution × 1, keep at 4°C 1.5ml Stabilizer Solution × 2, keep at 4°C
AD1012 0.5ml Booster Solution × 1, keep at 4°C  1.5 ml Booster Solution × 1, keep at 4°C
**For product AD1002, the kit supplied with CrudeAdeno-GFPTM (AD1020). CrudeAdeno-GFPTM (AD1020) will be shipped at room temperature, store at -20°C once received

***Catalog number AD1001-04 is for 1× Washing Buffer, Catalog number AD1001-04-5 is for 5× concentrated Washing Buffer.


Store at room temperature (15-30 °C) or at 4°C for a long time



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