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Custom-made Viral Constructs

ATCGbio Life Technology Inc. offers the following custom-made adenoviral and lentiviral constructs. Lentivirus will be made based on our SLIC vectors (puromycine resistant with/without GFP co-expression). Adenovirus will be made based on our own adeno-vector which lacks entire E1 gene and partial E3 gene.

1. Custom-made adenoviral construction Services

  • Custom-made shRNA expressing adenovirus particle
  • Custom-made shRNA expressing adenoviral plasmid
  • Custom-made gene of interest over-expressing adenoviral plasmid

2. Custom-made lentiviral constructs:

  • Custom-made gene of interest over-expressing lentiviral plasmid   
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For more information including order, price and the date of product due, please fill in the form below, or email at info@atcgbio.com. We will response you in 1-2 business days.

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