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pLentiTMLentivirus Production kit

1. Small scale (6 well plate format), high titer (up to 0.9 x 108 TU/ml) virus production system, which in turn to save physical and financial expenditures. 
2. The provided production medium does not contain chemicals used to add lentivirus production such as sodium butyrate, caffeine, or chloroquine. So, lentivirus in this medium can be directly used for most of applications. 
3. Reagents for concentration, purification and long-term storage are included. 
4. The kit produces high quality virus, meaning that higher percentage of virus is functional, resulting in higher transduction rate. High quality of virus is more important than virus number (assessed by p24 antigen, RT-PCR). 
5. Purified virus can be injectable locally in experimental animals.
6. Compatible with both 2nd. and 3rd. generation of virus constructs.
7. The kit includes GFP expressing lentivirus plasmid.

Lentivirus Plasmids

ATCGbio Life Technology Inc. offers lenivirus vector plasmids (pSLICs) that are based on the third generation lentivirus construct having only one internal promoter (CMV). SLIC (Sequence and Ligation Independent Cloning) technology is used in these vectors. Our brand new SLIC enzyme allows to insert PCR product into the vector. In 30 min reaction, PCR product can be inserted in immediately after CMV site.

The bicistonic technique, a P2A motif system, is also used in pSLICs plasmids. Porcine Teschovirus-1 (PTV-1), a swine specific virus, contains 2A oligopepetides (P2A), a highly conserved c-terminal D(V/I)EXNPGP motif which allows the ribosome to recognise 2A "Self-Cleaving" between G and P site. pSLICs have been pre-made to express puromycin resistant gene and GFP respectively by "Self-Cleaving" with customer's target gene. 

pSLICs allows user to create bicistronic (one promoter expressing two proteins) expression lentivirus with self-cleavage viral sequence (P2A like peptide) and SLIC technique. By this way, user can create lentivirus that can express two proteins (puromycin resistant or GFP with protein of interesting) equally.

Creat 20 your own gene of interest expression lentivirus vector plasmids at the cost of $20 per each in one day.